SQL Views - SQL Interview Question

SQL Views is the question that is being asked in many interviews including companies like Paytm, Google, Facebook, etc.  What are SQL Views? There are several tables in our database for sto…

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Customers Who Never Order - SQL Practical Question

Customers Who Never Order is a very easy and simple question which is for beginners. This question will be solved with subqueries. Let's take the SQL table schema of Customers: CREATE…

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Game Play Analysis I - SQL Practical Question

Game Play Analysis I is a very important question that is being asked in many company interviews.  Before getting started first we have to understand the question properly. for that, we n…

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Combine two tables - SQL Practical Question

Combining two tables is a very simple and easy SQL question that is being asked in many FAANG companies.  There are two tables containing data related to one column. SQL Schema for the fi…

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Rising Temperature - SQL Practical Question

The rising Temperature question is asked in many companies some of the big names are Google, Facebook, etc. Lets have a table named weather containing data. Here is the SQL Schema: CREATE…

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Delete Duplicate Emails - SQL Practical Question

Delete Duplicate Emails is an easy and tricky question asked in many interviews. We are going to solve this question with very simple self-joins. Let's start with having a table named…

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Email Duplicates - SQL Practical Question

Email Duplicate is the question asked in many interviews to get the output we go through step-by-step discussion and understand the output. Let's have a SQL Schema first containing so…

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Swap Salary - SQL Practical Question

Swap Salary is a tricky question but we have an explanation for this and we will be going to solve this in very easy steps. We are going to swap all the sex from 'm' to 'f' …

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