Entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibility in their hands. While trying to launch a startup, they also need to manage a team and maybe figure out how to make the perfect pitch to investors. Unfortunately, there are only so many pots of coffee to consume before the eager new business owner hits a wall.

But what if there were ways to make a better entrepreneur? A small tip or fresh approach might boost your creativity, enhance productivity and help make you the entrepreneur that you've always wanted to be.

1. Eat Some Brain Food : You've probably heard that saying "You are what you eat" thousands of times. But there's a lot truth to it. According to research, proper nutrition can raise productivity.

2. Work By a Window: Separate research from northwestern university and the national renewable energy laboratory have found the natural light enhances both creativity and energy.

3. Shed Distractions: While a smartphone and computer are essential tools, They can also be major distractions. To avoid this, consider putting your on "Do not Disturb" or "Airplane" mode while working.

4. Don't Multitask: You may think that by multitasking you're being more productive and getting more things accomplished. Here's the thing: your brain can't handle it. The human mind only capable of working on no more than two tasks. If you try to do more than two-tasks, you're taking the chance of making more errors.

5. Know That Silence Isn't Golden: According to other research, classical music can actually increase speed. Creativity, improve your mood and prevent mistakes and it doesn't always have to be classical music, rock works, too.

6. Accept That You're Not Perfect: If you're a perfectionist, I'm going to be brutally honest you. Get over it. You aren't perfect and neither is your startup. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can get your product or service out to market. 

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