20 VS Code Extensions


Boosting productivity in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) can be significantly aided by utilizing the right extensions. Here is a comprehensive list of 20 VS Code extensions, including themes, icons, and shortcuts, that can help enhance your coding efficiency and experience in 2024.

Productivity Extensions

  1. Prettier - Code Formatter

    • Automatically formats your code to ensure consistency.
    • Prettier
  2. ESLint

    • Integrates ESLint into VS Code to identify and fix problems in your JavaScript code.
    • ESLint
  3. GitLens

    • Enhances Git capabilities by providing insights into code changes.
    • GitLens
  4. Live Server

    • Launches a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.
    • Live Server
  5. Path Intellisense

  6. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

  7. Settings Sync

    • Syncs your settings, extensions, and snippets across different machines.
    • Settings Sync
  8. REST Client

    • Allows you to send HTTP requests and view responses directly in VS Code.
    • REST Client
  9. Todo Tree

    • Shows TODO comments within your code as a tree view.
    • Todo Tree
  10. Markdown All in One

    • Provides Markdown editing capabilities including preview, shortcuts, and auto-formatting.
    • Markdown All in One
  11. Polacode

    • Creates beautiful screenshots of your code snippets.
    • Polacode
  12. Remote - SSH

    • Allows you to open any folder on a remote machine using SSH and take advantage of VS Code’s features.
    • Remote - SSH


  1. One Dark Pro

    • One of the best dark themes inspired by Atom’s One Dark theme.
    • One Dark Pro
  2. Dracula Official

  3. Solarized Dark

    • A balanced color scheme designed with readability in mind.
    • Solarized Dark


  1. Material Icon Theme

  2. VSCode Icons

Shortcuts and Snippets

  1. Code Snippets

  2. Project Manager

  3. Better Comments

    • Improves the readability of your comments by enabling you to use color-coded annotations.
    • Better Comments

These extensions can significantly enhance your productivity by automating repetitive tasks, improving code readability, and providing a more pleasant development environment.