As we all know Google Ranking is the most important factor for blogs and websites now a days. Every blogger or a company wants their website will be on top of search engine. For that SEO is required, SEO is divided into two parts:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO (Back linking) 
Here, We will talk about On Page SEO.

On-Page SEO mainly focus on Thee main factors:

1. Design
2. Speed
3. Visibility to Search Engine

Design of a website help in clear visibility of content to the user with help in user experience and Search Engine helps to bots to easily each your website. Site Speed also matters as per analysis people wait not more than 10 sec for website to load. If it take more than they quit your website and move to other. This factor is also more important factor for User Experience.

 What Factors In On-Page SEO?

There are HTML elements and Some other factors which are responsible for all the process of SEO. We will understand all the factors:

  • Page Title:

Page Title is enclosed in title tags which is most important SEO element.

<title>Twitter Marketing Strategy (The Ultimate Guide 2019)</title>

Title of the Page should not contain more than 70 character. If you increase from 70 characters then Google will chop off title above 70.

Don't overweight with keywords, only adding keywords to you title tag with make it spam or click bait. Search engine are smarter now they look for content also.

Make your title relevant to page content 

 Don't make title all in Caps.

  • Headers

 Headers include <h1>, <h2>, <h3> used to organize content of website in proper format and readers understand content from headers.


Put you mostly keywords in title tags.

  • Meta Description

Meta Description helps in search engine readable description of website. When you search on google you get three things on display from website title, url and meta description.

It helps users to understand what this page will going to display.

Meta description in HTML is written in head tag.

Make it not more than 160 characters.

Don't use special characters in meta description.

  • Image Size

Images on website always used to make it good looking but while including images we always forgot to decrease size of Image. If we don't focus on size then it will make our website heavy.

You can use various tools to decrease size of images.
My Favorite tool to decrease size is TinyPNG - Compress Image     

  • Image Alt Text

Image Alt text is like SEO of images. It helps in telling google and other search engines what image is actually about.

<img src="..." alt="On Page SEO">

Make it descriptive and short.

Don't use more than 120 characters.

  • Page URL

Page Url should be simple to understand for both user and search engine.

Use only one or two keywords.

Make is simple so that user can also read from url and remember.

  • Site Speed

On mobile or desktop you website or blog should load smoothly and fast. Google provides a tool to check score of your site speed. Tool is Google Page Insight Speed.

  • Minify Scripts and Stylesheets

Website Contains other stuff also like external js and css files which is also included in our website. We need to minify all the files which decrease file size and also helps in website load fater.. If you don't know how to do that then just google "Minify Js" or "Minify CSS".

This is the On-Page SEO (The Ultimate Guide). You can also use tools like AhrefsAnswerthePublic, and UberSuggest. These tools will help in finding other factors which will help your website to boost.