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Email marketing in Every Year!
When we have social media platforms?
Who uses email marketing old techniques?
Is Email marketing provides best ROI?

These are the questions revolve around when we talk about Email Marketing. In this, 

Blog we will study:

Email Marketing Facts
Why Email Marketing Still Works?
How to build Email List?
How to  Improve Conversion Rate?
and much more...

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is basically building relationship with your customers and converting them into a profitable business. Email marketing is done by sending Newsletters, Promotional Templates, Events Updates, or Content Updates. 

In 2020, the reach of audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Etc. is increased then always a question come in our mind that how Email marketing is providing competition to them. Lets find out in detail:

ROI Email Marketing

According to research, it is proven that Email marketing provides best ROI. 
It is considered that on every $1 invested gives 38$ return.
So, it means ratio is 38:1.
And lots of marketers tried and tested they found this channel of marketing is true without a doubt.

Why Email Marketing Still Works?  

Email marketing still works due to     

  • You Own Audience Network

It is a big game of Email network. When a user or customers connects with your subscribers list you can send direct links or messages to build relations.

But on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platform it is hard.
As we know with changing Algorithms of facebook or instagram provides 1% organic engagement but in case of email marketing it provides 20 times more than Facebook.

  • People Want Your Emails

People prefer Marketing or promotional ads on email than on social media.
According to research, 44% to 48% of people found annoying ads on social media.

  • Email Conversions 

From above points it is clear that email reach is very good, but is it really provide conversions?
Yes, It provides.
Nothing can beat emails, when it comes to convert subscribers to buyers.
According to study, it provides one-third of subscribers into buyers.

How To Build Email List?

Email list building is art of tricks and techniques, I prefer you to focus on the list of how to this.

About Page Conversion

Most websites reported that their about page is most visited page of their website.

Sorry I don't have that one right now but i am also innovating my blog time to time. 

Ok So, 

I recommend you to put one Subscribe by Email form on about page. When people like your website or blog they want to know more about you. So, they check out your about page and on that age you can trigger them with Subscribe button.

Create Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets are very much important for any one who is concerned about building emails. 

Simple saying sign up newsletter is really hard to build email listing, When you offer something to people they will provide you email.

List of Way you can provide value in exchange to get Email:
  • Offers
  • E-books
  • Swipe Up
  • Case Studies
  • Templates
  • Videos
  • Valuable Content
There is simple rule for this more valuable your lead magnet is more emails you get.

Optimize Home Page

Home Page is the main page of the website you need to offer something on main page so that they can easily access to your newsletter.

Design you home page so that your readers convert into subscriber. 

Lead Magnet Popups

You can also show popups to get emails from your readers.

Some Offer full Page popups to get emails or you can offer small popups to get email.

Also, Subscribe to my blog. I will send you next updates and cool tricks.

Hide Content

Some websites don't show content without registering with them. 

Like Pinterest contains hidden content and facebook and also instagram provide hidden content without providing email you cannot access all the features.

There are other examples of websites too but i don't want to bore you. So we move on to next.

How To Create Email Campaign ?

We have learned how we can get subscribers but now we learn about how to create email that get opened and clicked.

I will provide you best and proven way to find out best techniques create supper awesome Email template.


Contest Based Newsletter

Content based news letter contain valuable content which  provide information which is useful.

Valuable content can be anything information, Designed Information or links of resources or a helpful stories.

People love valuable content and it is very rare that your subscribers will get the valuable content.

 Interesting Subject Line

Use subject lines that excite or curious about whats inside that mail.

Your subject line decides that people are going open you email or not.

For Example: I give you an example people are attracted towards mails containing numbers like "How to get #1 Ranking on Google" or "Top 10 Business Lessons " 


Compelling Opening

Start your newsletter with something which is super compelling.

Start with some story or anything with which people can relate.

It provide your readers to feel and connect with your newsletter.

I personally try to put some story and relational stuff in the beginning of news letters.

Valuable Content

Now it's valuable content time.

Write something which they want from you a good valuable content in detail. If you don't know how to write then use lists of tips so that people can read them and understand them easily.


You can provide valuable links which contains helpful information which they want to know. You can put bundle of links also with small description of links so that why they need to open that link.


Call To Action (CTA)

In newsletter with full of valuable content, you can put also put call to action if you want. 

Like "try this method on you" or "send me your feedback".

CTA are good and very important to include in E-mail.

But don't do it in annoying way, because people don't like it.

Promotional/Marketing Offer Email

As the name defines Marketing offer it is same.

These mails are concentrated on sales. It pushes users to make a purchase.

On Point Subject Line

Let people know about what you are offering.

No need to be very much creative.

Define What it defines Example: "Make First Purchase! Get 30% Discount!" 

What You Offer

Just write 3-4 lines of description what you are offering and why they need to buy your offer.

Don't go in detail make it SUPER clear and to the point.

Details Of Offer

As described above about offer. Now some detail like:

Start date and End date

Benefits of offer 

How they can get that deal

Any condition applied on offer

CTA Offer

No need to become fancy here. Just a strong CTA that lets people know exactly what to do next.

Blog Post Newsletter

Blog promotion via emails are best option.

How we can create Email for blogs that provide better conversion rate.

Subject Line = Blog Post Title

Here is the tip, You have bunch of ideas on creating subject line for email but it is as simple as it is. 

Use Blog Title as subject line because it helps your audience to get it correct. If they don't open email and directly go to your blog they can easily get the title which you have sent on Email.

No Confusion with your subscribers and it helps in searching same topic on google which leads to superb SEO technique. Google will recommend your blog as title of your blog and which you sent on mail are same.

Content On Email

Write a great content related to your blog with call to action for the blog post. It should be informative and also tell what they can learn by hitting link.

Link To Post

At last, Put Link of your blog post.

This can be normal link.

Also, can be a big button.

How To Increase Open Rates?

Now we need to know how to increase open rates.

Using these strategies you can double-triple your traffic and conversion rate.

Send Time

Sending Email is not enough you need to know that when they can open your emails.

Try sending emails at different times so that you can understand your subscribers maximum open rate time.

According to my blog and my content, open rate for emails are between 10 AM to 12 PM because this is the time when people are aware about getting emails which contains information.

Try for yourself and let me know what is the best time suits for you emails.

Great Welcome Message

When subscribers subscribe with you then send them a great welcome message with great content.

Content consist of your introduction about who you are? How you started writing blogs?

Some stats related to your blog. How many visitors you get? How many people are connected with your blog?

What content you will be posting next? How many times you post in week or month?

These are simple things you need to write for building relation.

More Valuable Content

Follow the rule of relation building so that they connect with you purity.

You should provide more value and less target them for product and sales. 

It provide them trust so whenever they see your mail they will feel it contains knowledge and convert that with CALL TO ACTION conversions.

Clear Email

Email sent should be clear with sender name, Subject line and message preview.

Message preview should also be clear o that reader can easily read message.  

Popular Marketing Services Tools

Finally, We are at the end of this "Email Marketing (The Ultimate Guide)" . There are lots of tools that provide email Marketing.

I will make it short. 


Let Me Know!

Now its your turn to try these techniques.

Comment us what do you feel after reading this "Ultimate Guide"

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