SEO of website is very tough job to take your website or blog on the top in the market. People or companies spent millions of millions dollars to become number 1 on specific keywords. 

I know you want to know the secret of making your blog, website or clients website on top. Before knowing that keep in mind that you have to keep track regularly so that you can achieve something and never go down in the market.

1. Track The Metrics:

Tracking metrics is the important part which give you data of your visits, bounce rate, time spent on site and CTR (click through rate). You can use Google Analytics as I am using for my blogs and websites.

Source: Lyrics Villah

2. Track You Ranking For Specific Keywords:

You have to know what the keyword which are working for your blog or website which drives traffic to your website. In Google Analytics You can find in Acquisitions - > Search Console -> Queries.

Source: Lyrics Villah

3. Track Organic Traffic:

If your organic traffic grows, it all because of your SEO efforts and keywords which helps in driving traffic from search engines( Google, Bing, etc.). You can find in Google Analytics -> All Traffics -> Channels.

Source: Lyrics Villah

4. Improve Your Lowest Ranking Pages:

List out your blogs or pages which are driving lowest traffic and improve that page according to new keywords which will help those pages to grow.

5. Track Conversion:

Record all pages which drives traffic and which are not driving so that you can easily understand your market which works which doesn't change your keywords accordingly.

This the way you can track record of your traffics.

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This will give you boost to your technique of SEO.