SEO Backinks

Every website requires huge amount of traffic from various sources.

For web traffic on your website, you implement lot of marketing tactics. But the very basic and effect way to gain traffic is Backlinks.

What is Backlinks ?

Backlinks are also knows as incoming links. This helps users to redirect from one web page to another web pages. This play important roles in SEO of a website.

When Google search engine check multiple quality backlinks in a web page, it considers the page to be more relevant to the search query, which helps in indexing process and improves its organic ranking SERPs.

Types of Backlinks

  • Do Follow Links

A Do follow link, as the name suggests, allow Google link calculator called Page Rank to count all the inbound links from from the other web pages and websites as link points.

The higher the link points are, the greater would be the search ranking of the web page, as these links make the web page appear very relevant and popular to the Google search engine.

  • No Follow Links

A No-Follow link is exactly the opposite of the Do-Follow links, this attribute does not allow Google bots to follow them. These links can not be followed by bots only human can do that.

Example of No Follow link:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" > Link </a>

  • Internal Linking Structure

They help search engines spiders to crawl and index all the inner pages of a website/blog easily and such links help in building information hierarchy while pushing up the link points level in any given website and allowing the visitors to navigate the website pages properly.

  • Inbound Links

Incoming links or Inbound links or Backlinks, refer to the hyperlinks present on the third-party web page that directs users to your web page only.

Incoming links can be based on both text and graphics. However, textual incoming links are more useful in drawing greater traffic and improving the Page Rank level of any webpage.

  • Outbound Links

An Outgoing link or Outbound link is a hyperlink that points at a targeted or external domain and is different from the links present in the source domain. For example, if you provide links of the other third party web pages on your website, those would be external links on your website.

Outbound links bear great importance in SEO as they provide your web page with more quality and value for the search engine ranking. Google search engine counts outbound links as third-party votes which improves the ranking of your web page.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

From the perspective of SEO, there is difference between backlinks and quality backlinks.

For Google search, random backlinks do not offer any help. Google check the quality of backlinks present on a web page with the relevancy found in the content of both the web pages.

The higher is the relevancy between the original content and backlink content, the greater becomes the quality of backlinks.

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