20 Blood Relation Questions

Question 1: John is the brother of Mary. Mary is the daughter of Patricia. How is Patricia related to John?

Answer: Patricia is John’s mother.

Question 2: Alex said, “Rita’s mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is Alex related to Rita?

Answer: Alex is Rita’s mother.

Question 3: If Paul’s father is David and David is married to Laura, who is Laura to Paul?

Answer: Laura is Paul’s mother.

Question 4: Emma is the sister of Jack. Jack is married to Lisa. What is the relationship between Emma and Lisa?

Answer: Emma is Lisa’s sister-in-law.

Question 5: If Daniel is the father of Mike, and Mike has a sister named Emily, what is Emily’s relationship to Daniel?

Answer: Emily is Daniel’s daughter.

Question 6: Sophia said, “My mother’s brother is my uncle.” How is Sophia’s uncle related to her mother?

Answer: Sophia’s uncle is her mother’s brother.

Question 7: Tom is the son of Jerry. Jerry’s sister is Ann. How is Ann related to Tom?

Answer: Ann is Tom’s aunt.

Question 8: If Robert is the brother of Susan, and Susan is the mother of Jessica, what is Robert’s relationship to Jessica?

Answer: Robert is Jessica’s uncle.

Question 9: Karen said, “My grandmother’s son is my father.” How is Karen’s grandmother related to her father?

Answer: Karen’s grandmother is her father’s mother.

Question 10: If Michael is the husband of Sarah, and Sarah’s daughter is Lily, what is Michael’s relationship to Lily?

Answer: Michael is Lily’s father.

Question 11: Lucy said, “Sam is my husband’s only son.” How is Sam related to Lucy?

Answer: Sam is Lucy’s stepson.

Question 12: David said, “Anna is the daughter of my mother’s only son.” How is David related to Anna?

Answer: David is Anna’s father.

Question 13: If Jenny is married to Tom, and Tom’s sister is Alice, how is Alice related to Jenny?

Answer: Alice is Jenny’s sister-in-law.

Question 14: Peter is the father of Paul, and Paul is the father of John. How is Peter related to John?

Answer: Peter is John’s grandfather.

Question 15: James said, “Lisa is my wife’s daughter from her previous marriage.” How is Lisa related to James?

Answer: Lisa is James’s stepdaughter.

Question 16: Emily’s mother is Linda, and Linda’s father is George. What is George’s relationship to Emily?

Answer: George is Emily’s grandfather.

Question 17: Henry said, “My father’s brother is my uncle.” How is Henry’s uncle related to his father?

Answer: Henry’s uncle is his father’s brother.

Question 18: Laura is the mother of Mark. Mark has a daughter named Emma. What is Laura’s relationship to Emma?

Answer: Laura is Emma’s grandmother.

Question 19: If Susan is married to John, and John has a son named Mike, what is Susan’s relationship to Mike?

Answer: Susan is Mike’s stepmother.

Question 20: Jessica said, “My mother’s sister has a daughter named Maria.” How is Maria related to Jessica?

Answer: Maria is Jessica’s cousin.