How to create Zip files in php ?


In PHP, you can create ZIP files using the `ZipArchive` class, which provides functions to create, add files to, and close ZIP archives. Here's an example demonstrating how to create a ZIP file and add multiple files to it:

// Create a new ZIP archive

$zip = new ZipArchive();

// Path to the newly created ZIP file

$zipFilePath = 'path/to/your/';

if ($zip->open($zipFilePath, ZipArchive::CREATE | ZipArchive::OVERWRITE) === TRUE) {

    // Add files to the ZIP archive

    $filesToAdd = [



        // Add more files here...


    foreach ($filesToAdd as $file) {

        // Add each file to the archive with a new name (optional)

        $zip->addFile($file, basename($file));


    // Close the ZIP archive


    echo 'ZIP file created successfully!';

} else {

    echo 'Failed to create ZIP file!';



1. Create a ZIP Archive Object: Instantiate a new `ZipArchive` object.

2. Specify ZIP File Path: Define the path for the ZIP file you want to create (`$zipFilePath`).

3. Open the ZIP Archive: Use the `open()` method to open the ZIP archive. The `ZipArchive::CREATE` flag creates the ZIP file if it doesn't exist, and `ZipArchive::OVERWRITE` ensures that an existing ZIP file is replaced.

4. Add Files to the Archive: Use the `addFile()` method within a loop to add files to the ZIP archive. The first argument is the file's path, and the second argument (optional) specifies the name of the file within the archive. In this example, `basename($file)` is used to add files with their original names.

5. Close the ZIP Archive: Close the archive using the `close()` method once all files are added.

Make sure to replace `'path/to/your/file1.txt'`, `'path/to/your/file2.png'`, and the ZIP file path `'path/to/your/'` with the actual file paths.

This code snippet demonstrates how to create a ZIP file in PHP and add multiple files to it. Adjust the paths and file names according to your requirements.